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Book Review: Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood

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where the smell of gunpowder rises from antique tomes, pervading our pages with fascinating histories ranging from the French and Indian Wars to the American Revolution and the clash of swords between the battling clans of ancient Scotland.

You'll find book reviews, articles, photos, info on historical re-enactments and antiquarian books on the following subjects:

The New World

  • Colonial New York
  • French Indian Wars
  • Revolutionary War
  • Native Amerians 17th-19th Century
  • Eastern Woodland Indians
  • Original Peoples of Canada
  • Canadian Books on French and Indian War

New York State

  • Colonial New York
  • Dutch Colonial Period
  • Hudson River Valley
  • Mohawk Valley
  • Sir William Johnson

The Old World

  • Celtic
  • Celtic Iron Age
  • Scotland
  • Scottish Clans - Late Middle Ages
  • Medieval Ireland
  • The French Regime


  • Military Journals and Orderly Books
  • Manuscripts
  • Journals
  • 18th Century Documents

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