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Book Review: Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood

Links to Friends and Interesting Sites

Places to Visit:

NY State Military Forts from the NY State Military Museum.With info on forts, flags, heraldry, history and more.

Three Rivers - Hudson, Mohawk, Schoharie. History from America's most famous valleys.

Fort Ontario

Old Fort Niagra

Old Fort Johnson

Crailo State Historic Site

New York History Net. A listing of historic sites.

Great Lakes Seaway Trail



Mayor Bray's Company Roger's Rangers. Major George Bray is a French & Indian War (1755-1760) reenactor. He interprets the famous ranger leader, Major Robert Rogers at many historic sites in New York State during the year. He is a recognized authority, writer, and collector. His website is a resource for all aspects of the history of the French and Indian War period.


Writers and Other Artists:

Roberta Gould lives in Ulster County, New York. She is a language teacher by profession, She taught Romance languages at Brooklyn College. She is retired and is now a social activist and well known local poet. She has a number of published poetry books to her credit. Her poetry is inspired and her readings are memorable.

Harry Wirtz lives in the foot hills of the Adirondacks near Edinburgh, NY. He is a graphic artist and wordsmith by profession. He is also a brilliant nature photographer which the examples on his website make abundantly clear.

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